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Find women's shelters and important facilities in your area.

Free places
for women with children
and without children
Free places
for women
without children
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On this page you can get quick and simple information about available places in women's shelters in Hesse.

Furthermore you can find information about women's advice centres in Hesse.

How do you find help?

  • You can move the mouse over the map of Hesse.
  • The houses on the map are women's shelters.
  • A red house means that the women's shelter is full.
  • A yellow house means there are available places for women who do not bring children along.
  • Green means there are available places for women with or without children.
  • The award of places is always decided by the respective women's shelter.

Or alternatively:

In addition, it is possible to enter the postcode or the city name and to activate the radius search function to find women's shelters and women's advice centres.


About the award of free places decides the respective women's shelter.
If all the women's shelters appear in red on the map, please contact the helpline Violence Against Women at this number 0800 0116 016.

The Women's Shelters in Hesse - Links

Interesting links

On the following pages you can find further information related to the topic violence against women:

The Women's Shelters in Hesse - Tips

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The Women's Shelters Hesse - about us

The Women's Shelters Hesse offers help

The Women's Shelters Hesse offers the possibility to get comprehensive and up to date information about women shelters and women's advice centres to women seeking help, to professionals and other supporting persons.

This website is a common project of the women's shelters of Hesse. 

Women's shelters offer housing, protection and assistance in all necessary procedures in order to help women who are victim of violence and their children to achieve a self-determined life free from violence.

The women's shelters of Hesse are organised under the umbrella of the AGFH (Working Group responsible for the women's shelters of Hesse) and of LAG (State Working Group of the autonomous Women's Shelters Hesse).

Both workgroups make it possible to exchange professional information and to work together for the representation of common interests. Furthermore, concepts about women's shelters' work are here discussed and developed.

Occasional cooperations do also regularly take place in the context of public relations.

The Women's Shelters in Hesse is part of the worldwide campaign for violence prevention conducted by Violence Prevention Alliance, an initiative of the World Health Organisation to which it belongs since 2004 as founding members.